HVAC Air Conditioning Installation NYC

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AC Winterizing Services

We have the solution, if In winters, you have cold drafts coming into your home through the air conditioner?

AC Unit Winterizing Services NYC

People living in high rise buildings, especially in New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, often complain of cold drafts coming into their apartments during winter time. This can be an everyday problem with different solutions. The solution best for you depends on your type of AC. This can be applied on variety of different types of air conditioning systems: PTAC Winterization, Central Air Winterization, Thru-the-wall Air Conditioner Winterization and Radiators Winterization.

AC Unit Winterizing Services NYC

FOR THRU-THE-WALL AIR CONDITIONERS OR PTAC UNITS : Cold drafts coming in through the through-the-wall air conditioners or PTAC wall sleeves can be resolved on site. We will winterize your air conditioner in the winter and then the following spring, we'll come back to de-winterize. This service requires two visits:

FOR WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS: This is an off-site solution. A special winter storage service is available for all window air conditioners